What bikini is right for me?

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It is never too late to get the best bathing suit for your vacation, if you have doubts about what type of suit you should choose, check our recommendations, I propose 5 infallible tips to buy a swimsuit that suits you perfectly Tastes and needs.  In this hot summer that is coming, a bikini it is an esencial part of our travel suitcase this holiday, that is why choosing a good bikini is an essential task, among many sites I recommend that if you dare to wear a micro bikini, enter this micro bikini shop, Where you will find without much work your micro bikini for this 2017.

Here are some tips to choose your bikini or micro bikini

1. If you want a bikini

If you are voluptuous, you should make sure that the top is a large cup and has good support. You should also choose solid colors. If you are not curvy, look for the bottom of your bikini to have some detail that produces a visual field of curves. And for those who have little bust, strapless strapless ideals.

2. Colors or prints

The white bathing suits or fluorescent colors are not very favorable for the beach. They get dirty easily and make us look more voluptuous. But if you are looking for something that adds volume use designs with flowers, or with large prints.

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If you are looking for your outfit to style more your figure, one-piece suits and a single shade of black black or dark colors.

3. Increase volume

If your are hips are small, and you want to create a degree illusion use “boy shorts” or cuts of Brazilian floss. You can also use prints, brooches or pieces in different colors to get attention.

4. Disguise the tummy

If you have tummy and want to disguise it the most recommended is a whole bathing suit with a panel that controls and compress the tummy preferably with diagonal stripes dark. This type of design helps to stylize the waist and hips.
One last tip

To give a more sophisticated look to your swimwear, wear a pareo. Preferably, the US of tissues and translucents. Other options are short skirts or dresses, look great and you can combine them with other accessories. I hope that this tips help you to be in your holidays showing your bikini or microbikini, and be proud of your choice, so get a nice wavy holidays to restore your inner peace.